Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Diary Entry After The 13th Letter

Day Before The Night

So, now she believes me. After all that I told her trying to explain myself and to convince her that I was telling the truth, she believes everything after one night with Ben. Well, if I had know that was all it would have taken, I would have made him tell her from the start!

But I guess that I shall have to forgive her for not believing me since I wont forgive her for having her wedding without me, again. My joy at being her sister-in-law is almost outshone by my feeling of a slight amount of anger and other mixed emotions.

Anyway, with other news. Gale and I had another disagreement. About him leaving. Of course he won, again. I really wish that he would leave. Because although Xandra may be wrong about him fancying me, if she guessed that I didn't really hate him, she'd be right. He just gets in my way.

Ben and Xandra should be arriving tonight.


They're here! I'm so happy to see my new sister-in-law that I have almost forgotten about my earlier anger. I take back my earlier judgement about them not being able to stand each other. They make the most charming couple anyone could ever imagine.

We spent the most part of the afternoon catching up on the little details that couldn't be included in our letters. Then went to the best dinner I've had since I left Quest with Silvia, who by-the-way found a magyk book in the Buckner's library that contained a transport spell, and arrived just after dessert.

After Xandra was done telling Silvia all that had occurred in all the letters that she had never sent to her sister, I told them the news...

About Rax...

About the Xar...

About, how Rax is the Xar...

I'm positive that at first they didn't believe a word that I said, but just at the moment when they were about to start questioning my sanity, Teknuron, the current leader of Nebeula, pushed thought the large wooden doors at the end of the dinning hall, and said. " I think that its about time that you all knew that the pumpkins at the edge of the garden are still green, while the tomatoes are red at the other edge."

The entire conversation was turned around, and everyone started to question how a man such as this could have ever possibly be elected to lead Nebeula.

Surprisingly Silvia didn't say a word the entire time Teknuron was speaking.

Just as we started to discuss the probability that Flaggans and the Tze Flies were allying against the Zoollogs of Calista, when suddenly Silvia said " I believe you Astra" I had forgotten about the news against the Xar before she had said that. I opened my mouth to answer her when Teknuron spoke first " Why is that?" he asked. And I still don't believe what really happened really happened, but as far as my mind heard she said, in these exact words, " Because as soon as I began to question her sanity, you came in. After hearing you conversing with everyone, I realized that there was no way in the Galaxy that you were in your right mind, so Astra must be in hers." It was mostly her tone that threw me. I know that she never enjoyed unintelligent conversation, but I couldn't believe that she could say something like that to someone that she had just met, which leads me to believe that there is something I don't know about going on.

But, what she had said swayed the others into believing me as well. And now we have begun preparations in getting the Xar to go to the Last Battleground on Cimmerian. Where we hope to stop him, somehow, forever.

But I have a feeling that we will be winging it most of the time.

If I survive, which I plan on doing, I will recount the events of tomorrow. Hopefully if anyone ever finds this, articles will be available from Xandra's histories, that will prove that I am not completely insane.

Wishing Luck To Ones-Self!