Tuesday, October 14, 2008

10th Letter

You truly are the greatest friend that anyone could ever have! Thank you for your understandings, and forgiveness.

Well, yes, kind of, we were. Not anymore. Now we are in the Desert of Rubies. We have now officially moved past Rust Ridge. We dropped off Silvia in Skye Falls. And followed your advice to have her stay with the Buckners. I think that she will enjoy being there, their library is full of old books she hasn't read.

Gale. Is. Awful. Okay, I'm not even sending a flick. He is the most terrible, perfect person I've ever met. If only you knew. It would take years of spying to find something wrong with him. I mean, he is almost like a knight or prince out of one of Silvia's books. There is absolutely no flaws to find with him. He's nice, kind, friendly, funny, handsome, a people-person, a scholar, a warrior, nothing is wrong with him. And I can't stand it! I'm almost to the point of leaving him here in the Desert of Rubies, except of course, it is a desert. And there is no where to leave him.

Have you heard from your mother if the wind has started to blow in Quest yet? I can hardly believe that it is time for it to start. It is slightly depressing that I haven't felt the winds of Quest since I joined Nebeula. It's been a long time. That was the only thing I had been looking forward to when you left me there.

And now, here I am in a melancholic state, in the middle of a desert, writing you a letter, sitting by a coldfire, built by a man I hate.

Now, since I'm done brooding, we can speak of things to come.

I've decided to give you no more warnings about the Xar. But, just so that you know, I still distrust him, even if it is from a distance. And I NEVER judged him, just distrusted him.
So you can love him if you want to, and if you get hurt from it, know that I will be here, in the desert, writing letters, sitting by a coldfire, made by a man I hate.

Oh my stars! The stars have come out. They are pretty out here. Maybe the real reason this place is called the Desert of Rubies is because the stars glow red. Its a little strange, but pretty. Like your hair in the synelight.

On the night of Rudeth, that is swiftly approaching, bring the Oplaf with you. It will help us with what is going to happen.

I trust that you are still going to meet me at the heart, even with the Xar's insistence.

May the ruby stars of this place connect us.


P.S. What do you think I should do about the man I hate, that built the coldfire I'm now sitting by, while writing this letter about ruby stars?