Sunday, November 16, 2008

Six Years After The Night: Silvia's Story

"Mama, will you tell us that story again?" The little girl asked, "Which one would that be?" "You know! The one with the girls that saved the world!" she exclaimed! "Yes I know sweetie, but haven't you already memorized the whole thing?" The mother asked. "Yeah, but its better when you tell it" she said in a pleading voice. The mother laughed and walked over to sit at the edge of her little girls bed "Okay," she began,"It all started with two girls...

"...As they prepared to leave through the magyk tunnel" "Oh! I know, I know!!!" shouted the little girl excitedly." How about you tell me then" asked her mother. "Okay" she took a deep breath "So, Gale grabbed Astra and pulled her to the last of the line, and asked her that if they were alive when they beat the bad guys if she would make him happy and marry him. She was super happy and said yes. Then they went through the magyk hole, and when they came out of the hole, they were in this dark place and got scared." She stopped. "That's right. Go ahead and finish the story, Luna" her mother urged. "Nu-uh! You finish." she exclaimed. "Alright then. So, as they stepped out of the Time Discharge, a dark force made them want to turn back, but they knew that if they turned back now, all the worlds would be prisoners of Rax, so with all the courage they could muster "whats 'muster' again?" interrupted Luna. " It means 'to bring together to them' "Oh. I 'member now. Keep finishing." "Okay. So, with all the courage they could muster, they took a big step forward, and with that step they knew what they had to do, and had the guts to do it "eeewwww" she heard from her little girl. She smiled and continued "And just as they took one more step, they heard a HUGE thunder above them and a big voice like the thunder said "Welcome, you have now reached your end, and final destination!" Then it laughed and a bolt of lightening struck right in front of them, creating a huge hole. Then just as the voice laughed and prepared to strike once more, the Opalf that Astra had given Xandra shot out of Xandra's pocket, because taking Astra's advice she had smartly brought it with her. Well the Opalf shot out of her pocket and sent up a barrier protecting all of them from the power of the lightening. This made Rax mad, so he decided to start an earthquake to eat them up into the ground. And the magyk barrier protected them from this too. Except that it made the hole bigger, and crack, so it was like the earth had broken in two.

"Things went on like this for quite some time, Rax shooting lightening, and the barrier stopping it, before Astra said to Xandra that they should probably think of a way to stop Rax in case the the barrier decided not to protect them anymore. So everyone gathered in a circle and started to think. Finally Astra's brother Ben thought up a plan. He told everyone what they should do, and they all agreed.

As they stood, and started getting ready to carry out their plan, Rax appeared before them, which happened to ruin their whole plan." Once more she was interrupted by her small child's hand which had risen into the air. "Yes?" She asked. "Well, I was just wondering what the plan was..." "Hmmm, well, I'm sorry Luna, but I cant seem to remember either." "Oh" she said sounding slightly disappointed. "That's okay. Keep going!" She replied after a minute, once again excited.

"Okay, we're almost done, so let me finish before you ask anymore questions, 'Kay." "Kay!"

"So, the plan was ruined, and everyone was in despair, despair means that they didn't think they could win and everyone was going to die."

"As Rax started walking towards them, they all huddled close together, so they could be by the people they loved as they died. As Rax prepared to strike, with a scary smile on his face, a smoky white figure appeared before them and said, "Remember, The Gift...." and it faded again. Everyone was really surprised, but recovered from it quickly."

"As Rax started to come forward again, the other sister, Silvia, went into a sort of trance. She told them that she knew what The Gift was. She told them that she had read once the the most powerful Gift of any kind was the Gift of Light, which also included hope and love and all the forces of good. And then she snapped out of it. And the two girls realized that they both had the Gift. It wasn't just Xandra who possessed it, but all of them, and they wouldn't have even come to this place to face Rax if they didn't have at least some amount of it. Everyone had a small amount of it inside their hearts. And they decided to use it against the evil Rax."

"They all realized this at the perfect time, because they jumped out of the way, in every direction, just as the lightening hit where they had just been."

"Rax was surprised again, and when he went to attack again, he didn't seem as sure that he would win."

"The girls and men, started fighting back when they decided not to give up. And just by dodging the lightening they were winning, because Rax could see that they were determined to live and to save The Relms. As they fought back with this determination, Rax started slowly taking steps backward. What he didn't realize was that he was headed strait for the crack in the ground. Well, he didn't realize that he had until he fell into it. He was so stunned that he didn't have the time to save himself and he fell right into the center of the planet, where he was sealed into it."

"The winners were also surprised by the fact that the great Rax had only been overwhelmed by their determination, and hope, and his downfall had been falling through a crack, but they were also glad that they hadn't been destroyed before he had gained his confidence again."

" They created another discharge and went back to the Heart, where they all rested and later had a double wedding with Silvia and Astra as the brides, with Xandra as the bridesmaid for both of them, and Gale and Teknuron (it seemed that Silvia and him had a case of love at first sight, and Silvia wasn't that happy about it, because she knew it was illogical, and that's why she had been a little mean and sided with Astra when they were having the weird discussion about Tze flies and the Zoollogs of Calista) as the grooms with Ben as the best-man for both of them."

"Astra told Ben that they were related and he said that he knew there was some reason he always liked her, and they all had their honeymoons in different parts of The Relms"

"And after that they all lived happily ever after. The End"

She looked down at her sleepy daughter and gave her a kiss on the forehead, and said goodnight. As she got back to her room her husband asked what had taken so long for her to get Luna to bed. "She wanted a story" she replied. "Which one?" he asked. "Ours." She said and went over to the bed immersed in remembrances of her younger self and looking forward to the Family Reunion just around the corner.

Here Ends This Story