Saturday, October 18, 2008

12th Letter

You cannot even begin to believe how grateful to Benden I am right now! I did not put him up to it. But I guess that since you have been kidnapped by him you can know that He is the one that helped me to learn the magyks. And he is my family.

I wasn't supposed to find out, but we are related by blood, even if he has a different name. I don't even know if he knows yet, so don't tell him. I accidentally found this out while snooping, as usual. I think that is would be best if we kept this information to ourselves. It would be best for him not to know at this time.

So If I'm not to be to hard on Gale, then you aren't to be too hard on my brother. Even if he kidnapped you.

Gale and I are currently on our way to Corinth. I had to tell him about Nebeula, after I tried to leave him in the last city, its complicated, but I caused a large commotion, and left the city. Confident that I had left him there, I stopped to rest, when he came through the trees. I was a bit more then surprised, but that feeling quickly subsided when I saw his face. I had to cover my mouth to keep from laughing, but was laughing so hard internally that I almost burst into tears! He had been in the center of my disturbance, and had barely escaped. When he looked for me he realized what I had done, and came after me a quickly as he could. I suppose that he had hoped to come into my camp acting like nothing had happened, but I caught him at a bad time.

When he asked me why I tried to leave him there, I was prepared. I had a perfect excuse all lined up to tell him. But when I did he didn't believe me. He said that he had heard me talking in my sleep, and I had said a great many things about you and about lots different secrets things. Do I really talk in my sleep? Why did you never tell me? Well, he said that he wanted to come along and help. So I let him, on the condition that he wouldn't tell anyone the things I had spoken of in my dreams.

Now we are on our way to Corinth, and should arrive two or three days before Rudeth. I might possibly make this trip harder then it has to be, because of my constant arguing. I discovered that teasing Gale is the only way to make him seem less then perfect. He has quite a temper once you hit a sore spot.

Please know that I am very sorry that I couldn't be at your wedding, thought it never happened. I'm a so happy to know that you didn't marry the Xar, but I am sorry that you had to find out he is Nova the way that you did. I think that Ben did the right thing, but I know that it is probably really hard for you right now.

On the happy side, even though you didn't get married, you got to wear a beautiful dress with gorgeous hair for a short while. And next time you are about to get married I can be there.

I will see you in a small amount of time.

Be safe on your journeys to meet with us.

With Excitement,